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Thank You For Visiting 3G Router Store

You may wonder why we only sell to business customers.

The answer is quite simple

The majority of our 3G, 4G and 5G routers are designed for remote management and monitoring applications, for example if you wanted to remotely monitor or manage your Wind or Solar Farm Installation or provide access to your building management system or upload content to your Digital Signage / Remote Media Digital Advertising board. The main criteria of providing a wireless broadband service for remote management and monitoring of these M2M applications places the emphasis on the reliability of the 3G or 4G connection which ensures that the equipment being monitored in a remote location to the central management office receives a reliable mobile service.

Our Industrial 3G and 4G and 5G M2M IOT Routers provide this reliability but will usually have slower WiFi than a home router and in the case of 4G routers will have a CAT4 or lower 4G Modem which offers slower 4G connectivity, this is because the majority of M2M installations don't need high speed 4G connections or high speed, long range 802.11AC WiFi and they don't need things like web content filters to stop unauthorised browsing of particular websites. Other online retailers don't care what their customers buy and will happily supply M2M routers for home use.

It is for this reason that we don't offer these types of products to home users because the emphasis on product features for residential customers / consumers tends to be on 4G connection speeds, WiFi speeds and also features like web content filtering to keep the family browsing safely.

We did used to sell to residential customers several years ago in some instances which is why you may find reviews from home users for some of our M2M routers but we now strictly enforce this policy.

Many consumers and residential customers visiting our site may just want an antenna and don't want to purchase a router at all - but if we allowed those customers to purchase from this online store then we would also have to supply all our products to residential customers.

If you only need a 3G, 4G or 5G Router or Antenna then we have an online store dedicated to this and this store will provide our products to both business customers and consumers.

The store is aptly named 4G Router store so click on the link and you can browse the 4G products that are suitable for business and home installation. Please remember though that the antennas are not booster antennas - you locate the antenna in a position with a stronger signal and run the antenna cables to the 4G router which is located in a position with a poor 4G signal.

4G Router


What If I Am A Home Based Business?

The answer is partly answered in the question - you are a business, so as long as you order in your business name that is fine, however please ensure that you buy a router suitable for business use that will provide you with the features you require, for example the Huawei B818 4G Router which has the latest 4G Modem for high speed 4G connectivity, 802.11AC WiFi for high speed, long range WiFi for your wireless devices and Gigabit Ethernet ports for high speed wired network connectivity. Please don't buy an M2M router for your office use.

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