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Fixed IP SIM Cards - FAQ


Please note that if you are purchasing several Fixed IP SIM cards in order to create a site to site VPN then we recommend that you call us first before ordering so that we can advise you about the available options using our Fixed IP SIM cards.

Can I Use DYN DNS Instead Of Using A Fixed IP SIM Card?

If you are using a 4G SIM Card then your mobile provider WILL NOT provide your 4G internet connection with a PUBLIC IP Address which means that you CANNOT use DYN DNS with a 4G mobile broadband connection.

If you want to use a 3G connection then some service providers will give the 3G connection a public IP address so you can use DYNDNS but you will need to check with your service provider. For example, Three Mobile will provide you with a PUBLIC IP Address is you use the APN of 3internet, but if you use the standard APN of three.co.uk then they will only provide a PRIVATE IP Address. However - Three Mobile do not always provide your connection with a public IP address - this may be becuase when you register your connection they simply don't have any spare IP addresses left in their pool of numbers.

It is also worth remembering that Three Mobile do not guarantee this service and are not contractually obliged to provide it or continue to provide it and may stop the service without notice at any time so if you are making your financial decisions for the cost of a project using this method of connectivity you should factor into the equation that this service may become unavailable at some point in the future and you will then need to visit each remote location to replace the SIM card with a different network that still supports the provision of a PUBLIC IP Address and of course this may involve continuing to pay for your Three Mobile SIM cards if they are in contract as well as the new SIM card contracts.

Fixed IP SIM Cards - FAQ

How Do I Order My Fixed IP SIM Cards?

Give us a call on 01937 534914 or send us an email and tell us which service, network and contract term you want and we will e-mail the appropriate contract for you to complete and return.

What Are My Payment Options?

When we send you the contract you will see the option to pay by direct debit or credit card - in many cases the upfront costs are taken by credit card with monthly rentals paid via direct debit.

What If My Organisation Needs A Different Payment Option?

Give us a call on 01937 534914 or send us an email and explain your payment requirements and we will discuss available options.

How quickly will I receive my SIM Cards?

If your contract is returned to us by 10:00AM then we aim (not guarantee) to dispatch your SIM card that day and your choice of delivery service will determine the delivery time.

Can I limit my data usage to my chosen inclusive data allowance?

NO - the nature of M2M remote management and monitoring means that remote access should be always available - there is no pint in installing equipment at a remote location for it to become unavailable during the month - becuase you would not be able to tell if it was an equipment fault or just that you have reached your data limit.

For applications like CCTV you would also lose the ability to receive alarms via the internet.

How Much Bandwidth Will My IP Camera Use?

Quick research about IP camera’s will tell you that the bandwidth used depends entirely on the camera type, codec used and frame rate for live video streaming. A quick search about codecs and camera differences revealed that IP cameras using a a codec with high compression and low frame rates will result in live streaming data rates of between 100 kBit/s and 350 kBit/s.
This means that is we take an average bandwidth of 200 kBit/s then the calculation for 1 hour of live video streaming / viewing will be:-

1 hour = 60 minutes = 3600s
3600s x 200 kBit/s = 720,000 kBits
720,000 kilobits = 703Mb (1 kilobit = 1024 Mb – Megabit)
So this is roughly 3/4 of 1Gb.

These are only estimates and you should contact your own camera or DVR manufacturer to determine how much bandwidth you will use for live streaming and for downloading images and videos. The 3G or 4G router does not determine how much data you would use - it is only providing the internet connection and does not determine how that connection is used.

Megabits, Megabytes, kilobits and kilobytes are often confused but as a simple rule of thume we use the following:-

Normally bandwidth speeds are measured in Mbs or Kbs (Megabits per second and Kilobits per second) - so in a speed test you might get a download speed of 20Mbps and an upload speed of 0.7Mbps (or 700 Kbps)

HDD Space is measured in KBs , MBs or GBs (Kilobytes, megabytes or Gigabytes)

If you don't want to contact your IP Camera / DVR supplier to find out about their protocols and video standards then as a general rule of thumb a 90 minute film viewed on Netflix uses about 1000MB / 1GB

Will my SIM card have a PUBLIC IP address?

YES - once you have inserted your SIM card into your router and configured your APN settings, the router will connect to the internet over your chosen network (3, EE, Voda) and will have a static, public IP address.

This means that you can connect to your router from anywhere over the internet and using port forwarding within the router sonnect to your devices on the LAN.

Some other fixed IP SIM card providers will give you a PRIVATE static IP address on their private network which you cant access directly from the internet - you first need to create a VPN betweeen your PC and their network in order to be able to view your devices.


IMPORTANT : When choosing to use a Fixed IP SIM Card with a Public IP address this means your device will be accessible directly from the Internet so it is your responsibility to ensure that you correctly configure all security settings for both your router and connected devices. If you want a more secure remote access solution then we recommend a Fixed IP SIM Card with a Private IP address that you can only access by creating a VPN to the Fixed IP SIM provider before you are able to connect to your router and connected devices.

Fixed IP SIM Card APN Settings

View the video below which advises the most common APN settings for our fixed IP SIM cards to get you up and running and also a quick demonstration of configuring a Proroute H820 router using an O2 Fixed IP SIM card with the wlapn.com APN as shown in the list.

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