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3G Routers

The 3G Router Store offers a wide range of 3G Routers for home, business, marine and M2M Applications.

Home 3G Routers

We supply Option 3G USB Modems ideal for a single user to connect to a laptop, pc or mac and also supply the Option Globesurfer X1 3G Router / Cradle which allows users to share their 3G USB Modem with other wired or wireless devices. These types of 3G modems with USB connection are called Dongles

Many home users also like to use embedded 3G routers with the most popular models being the Option Globesurfer III, Globesurfer III+ and the Telecom FM Dataroute.

Business Users

Companies that rely on their internet services are truning to mobile broadband and embedded 3G routers to provide backup services for their traditional wired ADSL broadband services to provide 3G backup and failover services to ensure business continuity. There are also many businesses such as security and construction that have temporary, mobile or remote offices or workforce that need a reliable, high speed mobile broadband connection and use a 3G router to provide these essential business services.

Products such as the Telecom FM Dataroute which combines a traditional ADSL router with embedded 3G module to provide 3G failover and also include the Ping Reboot feature to ensure a reliable, always-on mobile broadband connection, and the Teltonika RUT-105 with a robust metal casing and small form factor have been popular in recent months with our business customers.


Many boats and ships need reliable 3G mobile broadband services and the popular choice over the last few years has been the Option Globesurfer 3G router which is easy to install, configure and use. The Option Globesurfer also features an RJ11 telephone port to enable the user to make and receive GSM calls using a standard telephone connected into the router.

M2M (Machine to Machine)

The Teltonika RUT500, Proroute H685, Telecom FM Dataroute Voice, Virtual Access GW2000 and the Sierra Wireless Airlink Raven XE are all popular models of 3G Router for reliable, low cost machine to machine and remote monitoring and management applications such as CCTV and Digital Signage.

These 3G routers provide a quick and simple, low cost alternative to wired broadband services and can be installed within minutes in any location that has a 3G network signal. Using a 3G router is just like using a normal wired broadband router except that the router connects to the internet over the air instead of connecting via wire to a telephone line.

If you need a static IP address for your 3G broadband service then we can offer a fixed IP SIM card service so you can insert the Fixed IP SIM into your 3G router so your router now has a static IP address just like a normal wired broadband service and you can remotely connect to the router to admister it or use port forwarding to connect to devices on the LAN side of the router.

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