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3G and 4G Routers, 4G Antennas and Fixed IP SIM Cards For M2M Remote Management and Monitoring.

Office 4G

Business Class 4G Routers For Office Use

Business Class 4G Routers For Office Use

Many businesses want to take advantage of high speed 4G connections for their office or home office environment so to make it easy to select a suitable office router we have listed below our recommendations for 4G routers and antennas.


Use these unlimited mobile broadband data plans in your Office 4G router.

O2 Unlimited Data SIM Cards - 4G (no fixed IP)

O2 - £33.00 per month - one month contract
O2 - £30.00 per month - twelve month contract

Vodafone Unlimited Data SIM Cards - 4G (no fixed IP)

Vodafone - £33.00 per month - one month contract
Vodafone - £30.00 per month - twelve month contract

These tariffs can be used with the Huawei B535, Huawei B818 and the Huawei 5G CPE Pro, if you require an industrial type 4G or 5G Router these can be used with any of our PROROUTE branded routers, but remember that these tariffs for unlimited data do not provide a fixed, public IP address so cannot be used for remote access or port forwarding. Fixed IP SIM Cards are available, but not with unlimited data.

Please note - we have recommended the antennas for use in situations only where the 3G / 4G signal outdoors is better than the 3G/4G signal indoors where the router is to be located. if the signal is the same outdoors as it is indoors then you will not benefit from using an external 4G antenna.

We do not recommend the use of M2M / Insutrial grade routers for the majority of applications as many of the features and services of these M2M type routers are not required for basic office installations.


A 4G Router can provide a viable alternative to ADSL / VDSL Internet services however you must remember it is not an always on service and the mobile phone network may disconnect your router at times, usually the router will automatically reconnect, sometimes you need to power cycle the router. Also - your 4G speeds will fluctuate during the day and at peak times your 4G download and upload speeds may be slower with increased latency.

The best way to deploy 4G Mobile Broadband for your office would be to install a business class firewall with multiple WAN ports and use a couple of 4G routers preferably with different network providers to reduce the risk of downtime.

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