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3G and 4G Routers, 4G Antennas and Fixed IP SIM Cards For M2M Remote Management and Monitoring.

O2 Unlimited Mobile Broadband SIM Card - 1 Month

O2 Unlimited Mobile Broadband SIM Card - 1 Month

Ref: O2 Unlimited SIM

33.00 each (Ex VAT at 20%) 

Unlimited Mobile Broadand SIM Card - O2

4G SIM Card that is 5G capable when used in a 5G device with 5G signal.

30 day rolling contract term.


Once we have received your online request for the service we will e-mail you an order form that needs to be completed and returned to us for us to set up your account and dispatch your SIM card.

If the SIM uses more than 650GB this additional data will not be chargeable but please make note of the following: if 650GB of data is consumed in 2 separate months in a 6 month period or we reserve the right to investigate whether the SIM is being used for non-standard purposes. In these circumstances we reserve the right to adjust the tariff or terminate the agreement.

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