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3G and 4G Routers, 4G Antennas and Fixed IP SIM Cards For M2M Remote Management and Monitoring.

B535-333 4G+ CAT13 Router

B535-333 Office 4G+ CAT 13 Router

B535-333 Office 4G+ CAT 13 Router

115.00 each (Ex VAT at 20%) 


Ref: B535 4G Router

What to expect from the Huawei B535 4G Router

The B535 is a popular 4G router for use in the office or for working at home. It uses dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi capable of connecting up to 64 devices at once. The B535 also has four 1Gb ethernet ports giving you high speed connection via cable to your devices. The B535 supports Category 13 LTE meaning it is capable of a fast and reliable connection to the 4G network. All our B535s are unlocked, so you can use the network with the best signal at the location the router will be installed.

Please note it is the purchaser’s responsibility to check the strength of the mobile signal at the location you will install the router. Installing a router in a location with a poor quality signal will result in poor quality internet connection and speeds, or no connect at all.

The B535 has CAT13 modem technology, which you may read on the internet this gives theoretical top speeds of 400Mbit/s download and 150Mbit/s upload. However these are possible only in a perfect lab test environment and will not be achieved in real-world scenarios. In a location with a strong 4G signal, more realistically you would see download speeds more in the region of 40-80Mbit/s. (In very strong signal locations the speed could be considerably higher still 100Mbps+). However, If the router is installed in a location with very poor or no 4G signal, it may only achieve very slow speeds around 5Mbit/s, or even no connect at all.

You may be in a situation where the wired broadband internet connection is slow and/or you are sharing the limited bandwidth with others on the network, but there is a strong mobile 4G connection available. This router provides a great alternative for an internet connection via 4G, when paired with an unlimited data SIM. Please contact us for price on Vodafone and O2 SIM options.

There are many factors which can affect speed and performance, please contact us if you are unsure and would like advising on this.

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