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3G and 4G Routers, 4G Antennas and Fixed IP SIM Cards For M2M Remote Management and Monitoring.

Globesurfer 3+ Frequently Asked Questions

Globesurfer III+ FAQ

Q: What is GlobeSurfer III+?
A: GlobeSurfer III+ is the next generation of Option’s mobile broadband router range. Building on the trusted and proven platform that is the GlobeSurfer III, it incorporates the latest Option GTM661 module giving a great boost in performance and efficiency. Its new simple to understand front panel display is for optimal placement of the GlobeSurfer III+ for best reception whilst ensuring that key status changes are not missed.

Q: What is the difference between GlobeSurfer III & III+?
A: The original GlobeSurfer III was a well-respected and successful design but the needs of customers are always changing. We have now up-rated the specification; the GlobeSurfer III+ utilizes a category 10 (14.4Mbps) module to provide a faster Internet experience. Based on constructive feedback from our customers about what is important to them the LCD has been replaced by an easy to understand LED panel that can be viewed from a distance.

Q: Indication 3G, 2G?
A: To keep the front panel as uncomplicated as possible we have one indicator for the 3G/2G network.
- If the indicator is switched off then everything is ok but idle,
- If it is switched on then the Internet connection is active.
- If it flashes rapidly then there is a problem such as no signal or a configuration error. Visiting the home web-page of the GlobeSurfer III+ will provide an exact diagnosis of any problem.

Q: Is it possible to customize the device?
A: Yes of course! The front panel insert is fully customizable to include text and graphics to meet you design needs.

Q: Possible to customize the web-interface?
A: Yes, you are able to skin the web interface with your company name and logo. We can also assist to add language translations.

Q: In what locations can GlobeSurfer III+ be used?
A: The primary use of the GlobeSurfer III+ is in the home or office. But in addition, the GlobeSurfer III+ is certified for use in vehicles.

Q: How many devices can I connect to GlobeSurfer III+ simultaneously?
A: Up to 64 devices can be simultaneously attached to the GlobeSurfer III+.

Q: How and where are the settings of the GlobeSurfer III+ changed?
A: Typically the user manages the GlobeSurfer III+ via its web interface but for remote management and maintenance it also incorporates SSH (secured network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices) and SNMP (internet-standard protocol for managing devices on IP networks).

Q: Can I send and receive SMS?
A: Yes! Via the web-interface you have an easy to use mechanism to send a receive messages.

Q: How do I know an SMS has been received?
A: The red telephone indicator on the front panel will blink whenever there is a message to be read. In addition the optional desktop notifier application will make a pop-up on screen and the GlobeSurfer III+ web-interface will show that a message is available.

Q: Which frequency bands for 3G are available?
A: The GlobeSurfer III+ is equipped with a Quad band radio providing 3G on the 2100, 1900, 900,850 MHz bands.

Q: Is it easy for the end-use to start to use GlobeSurfer III+ after purchase?
A: Yes, most of the GlobeSurfer III+ settings can be preconfigured out of the factory but a few installation steps are required. We provided the user with a simple quick start guide which when used with the on screen wizard make the set up as painless as possible.

Q: Does the user need to have a PC in order to use the GlobeSurfer III+?
A: The GlobeSurfer III+ is very sophisticated and has many features. Once set up it provides Internet access and Telephony. Setting up the GlobeSurfer III+ for the first time does require a PC, but we make it easy as possible for the typical user with a simple to understand quick start guide steps and on screen web-based installation wizard.

Q: Can extra memory be added and how is it used?
A: The GlobeSurfer III+ provides a USB port where flash drives or external hard disks can be attached. These appear and a network storage device and can be seen by any attached PCs. This is an ideal way to centralize data storage in the home or office.

Q: Can I use GlobeSurfer III+ in my car?
A: The GlobeSurfer III+ can be used in the car if powered by a suitable DC/DC adapter (output 5V @ 3A) or a mains AC inverter (12/24v to 240V). The preferred solution is a professionally installed fixed wiring solution but some users report success with suitably powered cigarette lighter adapters.

Q: Is the GlobeSurfer III+ suitable for home use?
A: Yes, the design is attractive and discrete enough to be placed in to any domestic environment. In addition the default configuration provides good Internet security protection to the home out of the box. The web based user interface will by default clearly show just the basics needed by everyone to control the GlobeSurfer III+ and access SMS and Call features. Network storage and printing is increasingly popular in the home and the GlobeSurfer III+ is ready out of the box to do it for you.

Q: Is the GlobeSurfer III+ suitable for business use?
A: Absolutely! The GlobeSurfer III+ is ideal as the remote/mobile office solution. Connecting securely to the corporate intranet, VPN tunneling to remote sites, providing a telephony solution, network printing and storage, it’s a complete package. Clicking on the advanced link reveals the full power of the GlobeSurfer III+. It has comprehensive security features that you would expect in a high-end router with VPN configurations, port management and routing configurations etc.

Q: What kind of wifi connection does GlobeSurfer III+III+ offer?
A: 802.11b/g

Q: I have a Mac, will GlobeSurfer III+ work?
A: Yes of course!

Q: GlobeSurfer III+ sound like a great product. When will it be available?
A: The product is available now.

Q. Where can I buy the Option Globesurfer 3+?
A. The Globesurfer III Plus is available from www.3grouterstore.co.uk

Q: Do I need to use a specific web-browser to use the web interface?
A: Not at all, Option supports open standards and therefore we work hard to ensure ALL standard web-browser in the market are compatible.

Q: What is included in the standard package?
A: Inside the box you will find the GlobeSurfer III+, power supply, Ethernet cable and quick start guide.

Q: Will GlobeSurfer III+ Web interface support different languages?
A: Yes, several languages are built in and more can be added.

Q: By looking at the GlobeSurfer III+ is it possible to see what signal strength it has?
A: Perhaps it is surprising but the answer is yes! Momentarily press the Internet-connect button and the WiFi, Mobile and Internet LEDs will be used to show signal strength. The number of LEDs can be used to show 7 levels of signal, this display will continuously update and it stays in the mode for up to 1 minute or until the Internet-connect button is pressed again.

Q: What do the LEDs on GlobeSurfer III+ show?
A: The 4 LEDs provide a simple status overview. We have a power LED, a WiFi active LED, an Internet Active LED and Telephone/SMS LED. The LEDs feature large icons and are clearly understandable from across the room. We ensure the LEDs only flash when we need to attract your attention when there is an error, a message waiting or missed call for example.

Q: Do I need a special SIM-card for the GlobeSurfer III+ to work?
A: Any SIM-card with data subscription will work with the GlobeSurfer III+.

Q: Why should I choose the GlobeSurfer III+ instead of some other 3G routers?
A: It is a feature rich, cost effective and reliable solution that has great reputation. In addition Option’s product support is excellent, knowledgeable and very flexible. Many times we have been able to offer solutions tailored around the GlobeSurfer that others cannot.

Q: Can I connect a printer to GlobeSurfer III+?
A: Yes! The GlobeSurfer III+ has a USB port for direct connections and then the GlobeSurfer III+ will become a printer server. Of course if you have a networked printer then either WiFi or Ethernet can be used.

Q: What is the URL for the GlobeSurfer III+ Management control?
A: http//: or http://globesurfer

Q: Can the user connect a phone to GlobeSurfer III+?
A: Yes any standard telephone with an RJ11 connector can be plugged in to the GlobeSurfer III+. The GlobeSurfer III+ supports Caller Line Identification for phones with displays. It will also respond to call management commands from the phone. Please see the user guide for more details.

Q: What is the range of the Wifi?

A: The range of the GlobeSurfer III+ is up to 100m in free space.

Q: Where can I get more detailed information about GSIII+?
A: Option is offering a 50-pages detailed User guide (soft copy) if more detailed information is needed. Please let us know and we will send it to you.

Q. Can I connect an external 3G Antenna to the Option Globesurfer III+?
A. Yes - the Globesurfer III+ has an MCC Push in connector fitting for an external 3G antenna, however many 3G antennas are supplied with an SMA antenna connector so you may need to purchase an additional antenna adapter.

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