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3G and 4G Routers, 4G Antennas and Fixed IP SIM Cards For M2M Remote Management and Monitoring.

VoIP Over 4G

Can I Use A 3G / 4G Router To Make VoIP Calls?


If you are using a 3G / 4G router and want to make VoIP calls then there is nothing within the 4G router hardware that will prevent VoIP Calls.

For example, your could connect an IP phone to the LAN port of a router and configure your IP phone to connect over the 4G internet connection to your service provider and some routers even have built-in VoIP clients so you can configure the VoIP settings within the router.


The problem does not lie with the 4G router itself, but with the 4G internet network provider and your VoIP provider.

Some 4G network providers will not allow VoIP calls - you will need to check with your service provider - we are unable to provide this information. Sometimes latency with your 4G provider may also create quality issues.

Many VoIP providers will need the registered Client (Extension user) to have a static IP address and with most 4G connections the IP address will change and also will be a PRIVATE IP Adrress on the mobile providers network so you will not be able to provide a Public IP address or a static IP address. The VoIP providers usually need a static IP address becuase of security issues and use the IP address to confirm the identity of the user to prevent farud which is an increasing problem with VoIP services. Also a connection without a return connection via a public IP address may cause connectivity problems for some service providers.

In summary if you want to use VoIP over 4G then you will first need to confirm with your network and VoIP provider that they are able to support this as we will be unable to provide assistance or support for VoIP over 4G problems as technically there is nothing within the 4G router configuration that will prevent VoIP over 4G calls and any quality or connectivity issues will be down to the mobile provider and your VoIP provider.

You will be unable to return the router as faulty just becuase you could not get it to work with your VoIP equipment or VoIP service provider and if you really do want to run one of the most important communication methods of your company over 3G/4G then you should get a router that supports SIP ALG.

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