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3G and 4G Routers, 4G Antennas and Fixed IP SIM Cards For M2M Remote Management and Monitoring.

Dual SIM 4G Routers

When extra resilience is required for mission critical sites or just for the convenience of having a choice of a second network SIM card, a Dual SIM 4G Router will provide users with a failover option in the event that the primary network connection is lost.

Of course, you can use a Dual SIM 4G Router as a normal 4G router - just use a single SIM card and if you need a 3G option don't worry - our 4G routers will also work with 3G network SIM cards and provide a 3G mobile Broadband connection.

In the case of the Proroute GEM420, this also provides extra resilience becuase a second 3G or 4G connection can be made by interting a USB modem and the GEM420 will provide load balancing so you can use both connections at once and you can even connect a third internet service via the WAN port, maybe to an ADSL service or another 3G/4G router and the Proroute GEM420 will load balance between all three network connections.

Proroute GEM420 Dual SIM 4G Router

Proroute GEM420 Dual SIM 4G Router

The Proroute GEM 420 Dual SIM 4G Router is the latest Industrial grade M2M 4G router to offer our customers the ultimate remote connectivity 4G M2M solution.

With a single embedded 4G module, the GEM 420 4G router will provide a high speed 4G mobile broadband connection and also use 3G and 2G services if the higher speed services are unavailable. The GEM420 also offers the ability to insert a second SIM card which the router can use in the event of the primary 3G/4G network becoming unavailable. This means that the GEM 420 can failover to a second choice of network, providing additional connectivity redundancy.

In addition to this dual SIM 4G failover functionality the GEM420 also includes all the normal 3G/4G keep alive and remote mnanagement options like ping reboot / cell ICMP check and SMS reboot and SMS status to keep the router connected and keep you in control.

4G Load Balancing Router

The GEM420 also features a USB slot that can utilise an optional 3G/4G USB modem for an additional failover option, but the GEM420 can also utilise this 4G modem as a second simultaneous connection and provide basic load balancing using both the embedded 4G module and the external 4G USB modem.

WAN Load Balancing Router

As well as the option to use the USB slot for a 3G/4G USB modem you can also change Ethernet LAN port one into a WAN port and connect this to another internet source, maybe an ADSL or Satellite router and use the Proroute GEM420 as a 4G WAN Failover router, or in the case of the USB modem, you can also set the GEM420 to use the WAN connection at the same time as the on-board 4G modcule and provide load balancing between the WAN connection and 4G network.

This is not a bonded 4G router- it is only providing load balancing.

LAN and WiFi Connectivity

The GEM420 provides 4 x Ethernet Ports which are initially configured as LAN ports, but LAN One Port can be converted for WAN connectivity. The unit also provides high speed 802.11n WiFi connectivity with dual MiMo WiFi antennas.

Power Fail Option

The GEM420 is supplied with an industrial DC power connector block with dual power connectivity so you can connect to a primary and failover power supply and in the event of the primary power failing the router can instantly utilise the secondary power source without interuption to the router. The router is then supplied with an adapter to enable the use of the supplied 240VAC UK mains power adapter for easy installation.


The GEM 420 is supplied with Main and AUX Cellular Stick Type antennas with SMA connectors - these can be removed in the event that you need to use a different type of antenna for your installation such as an outdoor 4G antenna or 4G Puck, 4G Dome or 4G mag mount antennas.

The unit is also supplied with 2 x Stick WiFi Antennas, with Reverse SMA antenna connectors.


Teltonika RUT950 Dual SIM 4G Router

Teltonika RUT950 Dual SIM 4G Router

The Teltonika RUT950 is the new Dual SIM 4G Router from Teltonika.

This embedded 4G Router inlcudes a single 4G module but with two SIM card slots so the RUT950 can fail over to a second SIM card / network in the event that the network connection becomes unavailable on the first SIM Card.

The Teltonika RUT950 also enables the router to be configured to fail over to the second SIM card when a set data limit has been reached, the router will then use the second SIM card until the reset date is reached at which time it will then revert to SIM A.

3 x LAN Ports, WiFi and all the usual M2M features make the Teltonika RUT950 a great little unit for those users that want the high speeds offered by 4G LTE services combined with extra resilience and SIM switching options.


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